Pump Up The Jam, Pump It Up!

Music can be a motivator for cardiovascular workouts. Have you ever been on the treadmill or elliptical or even out for a jog and thought “when will this ever end”?

Make yourself a mix CD or create a playlist for your iPod that will motivate you.

If you are into interval training fitness workouts then create a playlist that will have a medium tempo song followed by a few fast tempo and upbeat dance songs followed again by a medium tempo song. Create a playlist that will put you in a groove and energize you.

Whatever your generation, make sure to create some ‘oldies but goodies’ songs that you can’t help but to sing to.Music

Put on songs that you just have to dance to when the DJ plays them at a wedding reception.

If you are a child of the 80s make sure to have some M.C. Hammer, Toni Basil “Hey Mickey”, the theme from “Rocky”, “We Will Rock You” by Queen and maybe some Beastie Boys or even “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns and Roses.

Whatever your musical tastes there are bound to be some songs that just get you up and moving and energized no matter what your energy level. Use this to your advantage and to the advantage of your workout.

Teenage Girls Preventing Later Weight Problems With Exercise

These days, it is very important for teenagers to look good all the time.

Because of fashion trends and television, more and more people are becoming aware of their appearance than ever.

This kind of pressure affects the young population since the media determines the concept of a perfect body.

Youngsters are now facing new eating disorders like bulimia, starvation, and overweight. This is the reason for which, many young girls engage in weight loss plans while others just fall in depression.teen exercise

Whether young girls are facing real or induced weight disorders, it is necessary to take a look at the habits of teenagers.

Of course, many of the weight issues are genetic, but in most cases they are associated to bad habits. For that reason, exercise is a good option for you to prevent these problems.

A good reason to prevent weight problems with exercise is that the young adults don’t have to stick to rigorous diet programs.

Instead, they can exercise using different physical activities like sports and hobbies. For instance, they can use a bike, skates, or rollers to go somewhere whether that somewhere is the school or your friend’s house.

Another way to prevent weight problems is to spend less time in activities like videogames, chat, watching TV, and anything that requires no physical efforts.

A teenage girl may wonder how exercise positively changes her mood. The main aim here is that teenagers should consume their energies in some positive and healthy activities.

Young people should remember that all the food they eat transforms into nutrients and fat. However, teenagers are the only ones who determine if such fat transforms into energy or just additional weight.

10 Simple Steps For Body Sculpting

There are a number of methods people do to trim, firm and mold their body into shape.

However, some of the steps are too complex, so below are some simpler steps for sculpting the body.

1. Walking does not only improve the health and lower the risks for diseases like diabetes and stroke; it also benefits the body’s outward appearance.

Walking can strengthen the muscles, help manage weight and trim the waistline.

2. Eating protein helps to maintain the firmness of the body and also aids in repairing the muscles.resistance sport

Depending on certain factors, the amount of protein intake varies so make sure to do research. Foods that have protein are fish, grains, soy products and chicken.

3. Third on the list are resistance sports. Many things such as weights and barbells, or even the body can be used to give resistance. Triceps and bicep curls, lunges, pushups and leg lifts can be done using the body as resistance.

4. Climbing stairs are particularly beneficial for those who want to strengthen and firm their thighs and buttocks. It’s the body versus gravity and it works great, but do not overdo it the first time.

5. The next simple step is choosing wisely what fats to eat. Not all fats are unhealthy and need to be avoided. Avoid saturated fats, which are in a lot of processed foods and choose foods that have polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats, which have the essential fatty acids that the body needs.

6. Next is simply cooking smart. Fried foods are not that healthy especially when eating often. When a person cooks meat they should broil or bake it. If the food is going to be fried, use a healthier oil, such as canola and do not use too much.

7. Stretching is another simple step that should be done every morning, before exercising and before going to bed. It helps increase flexibility, improves blood circulation, and increases the joints range of motion. You can stretch anywhere and it does not take up that much time.

8. Lymphatic drainage is a massage that helps remove from the body the toxins that can affect our life and damage the circulatory and muscular systems. It also helps to soften wrinkles and hydrate the skin.

9. Waking up fresh is another important step. This helps increase energy. To do this, avoid coffee right before bed and have the windows open slightly so that the air can properly circulate and remove the carbon dioxide the body is breathing out. Remember to get the necessary hours of sleep that the body needs.

10. The final step is to do some relaxing yoga exercises. Simple yoga exercises can help relieve stress which also plays a role in the fitness of the body.

Most of these steps can be done at home and take up little time. It’s better than spending money on that new exercise video that will eventually collect dust in the closet.

Baby Fitness For A Good Sleep

baby fitnessHaving a newborn in the house is the greatest joy. A baby always brings out a smile on everybody’s face.

But having to take care of one is not as easy as it seems, especially for the mom.

It is true a baby will change the biorhythm of his parents. She wakes up crying in the middle of the night because she needs to be fed. The same thing happens during the day.

A baby always requires attention, not to mention the worries about the baby’s health and growth that constantly overwhelm the mind of the parents. Well a solution that will ease some of these is probably fitness.baby fitness

The body of a baby is still in development and therefore her muscles and joints are very flexible. This allows a broad pallet of movements that could be turned into a good fitness exercises.

And getting the baby a bit tired, the right and healthy way of course, will be excellent for a good sleep.

First of all any type of fitness exercising will contribute to strengthening the very special bond between the mother and her child. And since the baby is in her crucial stage of body development a little bit of fitness will only do the baby good.

It will be very helpful when it comes to the healthy development of the muscle and bone structure of the young one. This will surely put an ease on the worries about the baby’s growth.

There are number of things that a mom can do with her baby. Almost every movement can be converted into a healthy fitness exercise.

Moving the baby’s legs, bicycle style for example will help her heart work and increase blood circulation especially in the legs. Increased blood circulation means a slight increase in body temperature, so the baby will also feel warmer for a while after the exercise.

Another example can be the movement of the arms. This will help the baby relax her breathing, which will guarantee that the baby will have a constant intake of healthy portions of oxygen. Besides being good for the baby’s brain this will be also good for the baby’s sleep. And it is known for a fact that a good sleep in this stage encourages growth.

Another thing that will benefit the baby’s sleep is a fitness massage after a bath. This will be very enjoyable for both the mom and the baby and it will help the baby fall asleep.

Baby fitness is great for every baby and every mom. It is easy to do and it means a lot of fun.

Fitness Advice From The Trainer Of The First Lady

Michelle ObamaThe first lady of the United States is becoming an icon of elegance and fitness for many women in their forties.

The media has highlighted the wonderful figure of Michelle Obama especially when she uses those elegant dresses in important meetings.

Many women wonder how Michelle Obama maintains such a beautiful body figure given that she has two daughters and a full presidential agenda.

Michelle Obama’s personal trainer, McClellan, says that having a good-look is not difficult but it definitely requires some effort and discipline.Michelle Obama

McClellan says that a good body can be sculptured through a plan that includes strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular training.

McClellan says that Michelle always look gorgeous in such sleeveless dresses because all her workouts are focused on the whole body. These days, many women are more curious of the Mrs. Obama’s body secrets.

In this case, Obama starts working on her biceps and triceps with a 9 minute drill with a weighted bar. McClellan guides Obama to 5 rounds of lunges with dumbbells and 100 stairs for cardio. Of course, all this is followed by balanced diet.

Michelle Obama is a good example for all aged women who claim it is too difficult to work and exercise at the same time. McClellan works with Michelle 3 times a week and spends just 90 minutes in each workout.

This is worth to consider if you want to wear again those old jeans or that beautiful dress stored in your wardrobe. Following the example of America’s First Lady is a good idea.

Fit To Fly – A Fun And Easy Workout

TrampolinePeople have always been into flying. Airplanes, helicopters, parachutes are all invented to feel the free and irresponsible feeling of flying.

When choosing to be healthy and fit, there are other choices than using jogging, running, the gym or riding a bike.

A more fun way is the one allowing both the dream to fly and the chance of remaining fit.

While feeling as free as a human can be, the body can also feel better. This is how some exercises that include jumping and “flying” turn out to be very effective.Trampoline

First, the most common type of flying exercise is the ones using a trampoline. Both children and adults enjoy jumping on trampolines. It is easier to shape up using this type of exercise than many other boring routines.

There are two types of trampoline. One is large, round or rectangular about 12-16 feet and the other is small, round and about 3 feet. Although it seems like there is no rule while jumping on a trampoline, it can be very dangerous if this equipment is not used carefully.

The place to set the trampoline, when and how to use it, the precautions that have to be set near the area are extremely important points that need considering before having fun and doing this exercise.

Except for the trampoline, there are other specific exercise ways to jump and exercise. They do not maintain the flying feeling as the trampoline does, but they might also be efficient especially for basketball players and people who love to play basketball as a hobby. These jumping training exercises include jogging followed by a leg sprint, hurdle hopping and tuck jumps.

For those who have more time and interest in sports but also want to feel the flying experience while in the air, pole vault is the right alternative to try. Including lots of exercise and hard work, pole vaulting can be proven to generate rapid results.

Other than these activities, skydiving and jumping with a parachute are other options to both strengthen human body and experience flying. Skydiving, however, is considered to be a sport, and like all the sport activities, it has a training session at the beginning.

Although it is not usually thought to use an exercise alternative, jumping with a parachute needs extra muscle effort and coordination while in the air. While trying to stabilize the position, all muscles of the body are strengthening.

Like jumping exercises, jumping with a rope also allows body to float in the air for seconds and gets all muscles strengthen helping the body lose the fat and shaping up hips and thighs.

Although there are limited ways to both fly and being fit, these alternatives are very good options to experience the long lost childhood feelings of being thinner, shaped and feeling free.

Kangoo Party: A New Fun Fitness For Young And Old

Kangoo shoesIce creams, lattes, fried delicious food… They all are very welcomed, but at the same time they raise the probability of signing up to a gym.

To transform all these delicious but not so flattering dishes into smart muscles, the boring aerobic choreographies and the heavy exercise plans are recommended.

However, fitness with Kangoo shoes is an interesting alternative to cheer up the exercise schedule.

Kangoo shoes, which are developed by the technology of NASA, are also named rebound cross training shoes.Kangoo shoes

People who tried those shoes claimed that it is the most effective form of exercise ever developed. They look like a skate – but instead of wheels, they have a spring device which allows jumping.

Surprisingly, the first shoes were made for rehabilitation of the muscles after surgery and the prevention of post surgery injuries. When it was discovered that it is too much fun to use only for rehabilitation, they became the new fun way to fight the additional weight.

The word ‘kangoo’ sounds like just jumping without aim, but this way of exercise has actually many choices. Kangoo shoes are being used for lots of activities such as jogging and running, group fitness and weight loss.

Also as an important note, this exercise can help people resume workouts and also help the safe rehabilitation of sports injuries.

Among the different exercise choices, there are multi-functional ways to reduce the body fat and shape up the arms, the thighs, the abdomen and the legs. While strengthening the muscles, the exercise increases the agility.

As an additional result, it provides an aerobic effect to the heart and keeps the overall body healthy and in shape. Improving breathing and the overall condition of the body, the exercise helps cells’ oxygenating which is responsible for losing the body fat.

Thinking of jumping and doing aerobic[aerobic exercise] moves with shoes does not seem very easy to control. However, Kangoo shoes have a patented impact protection system which reduces the impact from 40% to 80%.

This thing has many benefits among which are reducing the impact shock on the joints, improving strength and balance, inducing fat loss and also playing a role as an optimizer of the cardio-vascular health. It is fun to both jump and do the exercises so it may also reduce stress.

With the price limits approximately between 179$ and 229$, they do not seem very kind to the wallets, but who knows, maybe this way of exercise will equalize the cost in fun and results. In the end, it is common knowledge that kangaroos are one of the best fit species on the Earth.

Strange Fitness Routines That Can Help Get Fit

fitness routineWhen the topic is fitness, leaving out the classical methods of doing exercise, there are some “strange” ways to be fit.

These ways can be fun and effective to lose weight and shape up the muscles.

There are many different ways to exercise and to transform the exercise activities into a funny and exciting routine.

These activities can be found helpful by the housewives and the bored exercise lovers tired of the gyms.

Such activities can be divided into muscle strengthening exercises and other fitness exercises.fitness routine

When talking about muscle strengthening, for instance; a gym which is located in London uses midgets as human weights. Apart from using other human beings, there are some other strange ways to exercise.

First, to strengthen muscles women can wear high-heeled shoes and dance for long hours. This activity may increase the leg muscles more than dancing with sneakers. Another activity for women might be cleaning with a vacuum cleaner for the arm muscles.

Dancing plays a major role in having fun and being fit. Other than the usual Latin, modern dancing and other specific dance classes, dirty dancing may be a fun way to exercise. The dancing moves while acting like a diva may also be a good way of implementing some choreography with cool moves.

Hiking and stepping up and down the stairs all day, using beverage bottles for lifting or carrying the neighbors’ bike are also strange ways to exercise and getting the muscles in shape.

There are also ways to take advantage of gyms’ trial days. Different places and different atmosphere may change the person and may increase the will to exercise more.

If a person wants to socialize, and is not a fan of going to trial days of different gyms, a good way to exercise is running with the dog. The movies are not just made of fiction and the fit man running with the dog by his side will always be an adorable picture for any human being.

The jumping exercise with pogo sticks can also be a fun and smart way for both sexes to shape thighs and hips. Using the technology doesn’t always help to open a person to the new world and even less to a strange new exercise.

But the console games that allow playing virtual tennis and dancing have turned into a new way of indoor fitness.

With every new idea the strange exercise list can go on. Women most commonly claim that ironing, playing indoor soccer and even sex is helping to remain fit. The same wide range of choices goes with men.

While putting these exercises into practice, it is important to be careful for any type of muscle injuries and be aware of what to do. Whether is it considered to be strange or not, new, funny and effective ways to be strong and fit are always welcomed for healthier bodies and minds.

Volleyball – An Effective Way To Get A Perfect Body

volleyballOne good way of being fit and burning fat is to engage in playing volleyball.

It is a type of team sport played by two opposing teams with 6 players each, separated by a net.

It is widely known not only for the thrill and excitement everyone could get from it, but also known for the health benefits it can provide the players.

When one aims to burn excessive fats as well as too many calories stored inside the body, a combination of calorie-controlled eating plan plus a regular game of volleyball will definitely contribute in becoming fit and in perfect shape.volleyball

Studies have shown that about 45 minutes of volleyball burns an amount reaching to 585 calories. Through consistent exercise, this workout could burn a total 213,525 calories in just one year which is equivalent to an amount of about 61 pounds of stored body fat.

This fat-burning activity improves the body’s fat-percentage and the muscle ratio of the entire body.

Forty-six millions of Americans are now indulged in playing volleyball proving it to be one of the best team sports in the world. Both man and woman of different ages can simply go and play volleyball, which can be either indoors, at the beach or outdoors.

When one starts to be involved in playing volleyball, it does not just help in lowering body fat, it also serves as an effective tool to raise metabolism, helps in increasing muscle tone in the arms and shoulder and at the same time helps in strengthening the upper portion of the body.

Playing volleyball enhances energy levels fueling up a person’s capacity to perform well.

For those individuals who want to be in a good shape and enhance the legs and lower extremities of the body, playing volleyball can also turn into the best solution.

Apart from being a good routine to promote hand-eye coordination and develop fast reflexes, playing volleyball is also a good workout to build up leg muscles and to keep it fit and firm.

Even though there are a lot of traditional ways to improve leg muscles, playing volleyball is the most effective way to achieve fuller, firmer amazing legs.

Starting to play the sport requires a series of warm-ups, especially those stretching designed for the outer and inner thigh, to prepare the body for a very intensive game. Gradual and proper execution of every routine also helps in achieving good results.

4 Common Excuses To Not Get Fit

fit“I had a hard week at work”, “yes, ok, but after watching this cool movie”, “… and I’m tired”.

Are these sentences familiar? If they are, congratulations, here is the membership card of “finding perfect excuses for not getting fit”’ club!

In today’s fast and tiring lifestyle, people find it hard to spare some time to exercising.

No, exercising does not include carrying the child’s bag as a heavy lift or walking from bathroom to study room as jogging.fit

So, the ultimate question is why do people avoid exercising that much bother to make excuses about not doing them?

1. First excuse may be the time issue. “I don’t have time” is an easy sentence to say, however, for exercising one should “make” time. There is always time for something, it is important to use it wisely for the best beneficial activities.
2. The other excuse is that the fitness gear is too expensive, and going to a gym is not free at all. If the need is to do an overall body workout, then it is necessary to go to a gym but if only cardio exercises will make the body fit, then a pair of running shoes and a nice tracksuit are the only necessities.

Depending on the weather, cycling, jogging or running can be the cheapest ways to exercise.

1. Time is ok, a gym membership is done, but all these fitness equipments are too boring, right? Sometimes it may be boring to do the same moves in order to work specific parts of the body. To get rid of this excuse, mp3 players are highly recommended. With the favorite music, no exercise can get any boring. Or if the fitness gear is at home, doing sports while watching a good movie in front of TV might be also a good idea.
2. The last favorite excuse is being a coach potato. One of the laziest excuses is postponing the start-day of exercise. “I will do it next day/week/month …” is the favorite sentence used for this excuse. To stop this habit, do not wait for a date such as 01.01 and start immediately. Put a mark on the schedule that shows the “day 1” being now.